NEW! The Third Generation Model
Developed by J-road Inc. in Tokyo, Japan, TREC is the groundbreaking system to controls electronic throttle.
Acceleration Feel You've Never Experienced !
These days, most automobiles are using Electronic Throttle Control (Drive By Wire or Fly By Wire) system.
Historically a mechanical linkage between the accelerator pedal and the throttle butterfly has always existed, be it via a cable or via rods and linkages. These have now been replaced by sophisticated electronic control modules, sensors and actuators.
This system is Electronic Throttle Control.

There are several reasons why electronic throttle actuation is preferable to a conventional throttle cable:
* The vehicle's on board electronic systems are able to control all of the enginefs operation with the exception of the amount of incoming air.
* The use of throttle actuation ensures that the engine only receives the correct amount of throttle opening for any give situation.
* The optimisation of the air supply will also ensure that harmful exhaust emissions are kept to an absolute minimum and drivability is maintained, regardless of the circumstances. Coupling the electronic throttle actuation to the adaptive cruise control, traction control, idle speed control and vehicle stability control systems also means finer control can be achieved.

On the negative side, the throttle can be moved irrespective of the position of the driver's accelerator pedal.
They're overruling driver decisions.

Don't worry!
TREC-FWX provides the solution!
TREC-FWX controls the throttle using its own computer, get a better throttle response and use the power as efficiently as possible.
Work Directly with Accelerator Pedal
Electronic Throttle Control is slow to respond when you step on the accelerator pedal, especially at first.
TREC-FWX is the solution.
With TREC-FWX, the throttle works directly with accelerator pedal.
Feel More Speed and More Power
TREC-FWX works best when you're driving on the street, not in a circuit. You feel the difference under normal driving conditions.
Of course you can also feel more power and more speed at upslope, allow effortless overtaking on a freeway.
You Can Choose Option
You can add options to the base unit, TREC-FWX.
TREC-FWX (Base Unit)
This is the base unit of TREC-FWX system.

* You need DCX connector to install.
  You need to choose DCX connector
  that fits your car.

TREC-FWX + Option 1
With option 1, you can control the effect.
You can adjust the system in 31 levels.

TREC-FWX + Option 1 + 2
With option 2, you can maximize the effect at a single touch of a start button.

* You need option 1 installed to use option 2.

How about Gasoline Mileage?
Some users say they got better mileage after they installed TREC-FWX system. Because they don't need to jam down the accelerator pedal to reach the speed they want.
What users say

  • Stopping and re-starting at the traffic lights were painful before, now it's so easy.(STAGEA WGN34/RB25DE)
  • Now I can enjoy driving on the street more.(STAGEA M35/VQ25DET)
  • It's tiring driving on the street before but TREC-FWX solved the problem.(STAGEA M35/VQ25DD)
  • I was thinking about buying new car before. After I installed TREC-FWX, I feel I don't need to buy new car, yet.(MARCH K11/CG10DE)
  • I use may car for my business and need to carry heavy load. Now my car runs faster even with heavy load.(SERENA C24/QR20DE)
  • I can enjoy winding mountain road now.(X-TRAIL/QR20DE)
  • Not too sporty, easy to control.(LAUREL C35/RB25DE)
  • Now I can catch up GT-R.(SKYLINE ER34/RB25DET)
  • "Tail gate" was a really pressure before, now it's welcome.(SILVIA S15/SR20DE)
  • I can feel the difference. Not like many other tuning parts with which I cannot tell the difference.(PRESAGE U31/QR25DE)
  • I feel like my car is flying when I'm accelerating my car.(PRESAGE U31/VQ35DE)
  • My car was really dull when I have my friends on board. But now I can invite my friend for a drive.(WINGROAD WFY11/CG15DE)
  • My car was not bad from the beginning. Now quicker and zippier.(CUBE/CG13DE)
  • Easy to install, make a difference, I'm happy.(MARK II JZX110/1JZGT)
  • Now I can "drift" using the accelerator pedal.(MARK II JZX110/1JZGT)
  • I feel more power at upslope.(MARK X GRX120/4GRFSE)
  • Now I can start quickly.(CROWN GRS180/2GRFSE)
  • I got a better throttle response, much better than I expected.(CELICA ZZT231/1ZZFE)
  • I was surprised the result. My son loves it and now tells me to take him a drive oftener.(CALDINA ST246/3SG)
  • I'm not interested in hosepower but TREC-FWX made my car much easier to control. (LEXUS GS JZS161/2JZGT)
  • All of our family members are heavy and our car was really slow especially at start. Now our car runs quickly. We're thinking about buying ADIC next. (ESTIMA ACR30/2AZFE)
  • I don't need much power but I wanted to do something to my car and bought TREC-FWX. I'm so happy with TREC-FWX now.(ALPHARD ANH/2AZFE)
  • I could make my commute time to work shorter.(VOXY AZR60G/1AZFSE)
  • I was so surprised with the result, my car runs much quicker than I expected.(WISH ANE10G/1AZFSE)
  • I got a better throttle response in all speed range.(LEXUS IS SXE10/3SG)
  • I 'm enjoying driving on the street now.(LEXUS IS GXE10/1GEU)
  • I was unhappy with the throttle response but TREC-FWX solved my problem.(LAND CRUISER UZJ100W/2UZFE)
  • With TREC-FWX, quicker at start, sporty even at "D" gear.(MOBILIO SPIKE/L15A)
  • I can drive my car without stress even with fellow passengers. It's so fun to drive on highway.(ODYSSEY RB1/K24A)
  • Got a much better throttle response.(FIT GD1/L15A)
  • My car was quick and light, now quicker and lighter.(RG STEPWGN/K20A)
  • The timing of shift up became better.(LEGACY BH/EJ20)
  • I feel like my car lost its weight.(FORESTER SG5/EJ20)
  • My LEGACY has SI-DRIVE and still I feel the big difference.(LEGACY BP5/EJ20)